Monitoring has never been so easy!

Our engineers are skilled in building monitoring systems from the ground up on simple low priced cloud servers. CentralIT monitoring systems can rapidly scan both CRITICAL and NON-Critical servers while providing the customer with a fully owned and maintained systems. This ensures complete privacy of all monitoring data.

OUR Features

Central IT is a group of consultants experienced in various IT disciplines, from Web hosting and Server Monitoring to Open Source software hosting. Our solutions are built on cloud technology that are 100% OpenSource driven. If you have any question, feel free to CONTACT US.

Monitor applications

Reduce Monthly Cost by implementing (Nagios/Grafana) monitoring systems to alert you of pending system failure

Implement Scalable Solutions

Scale your web/application to meet the demands of your current growth and future demands.

Load-Balance complex systems

Implement NGinX, HaProxy, Apache HTTPD to load-balance critical components in your architecture.

Technical Documentation

Document your systems before knowledge is forgotten or retired from your company.


Monitoring end points to suit your pro-active needs.



All our software is free for development and distribution under the open sourced license policy. The following open sourced software is free for download / or service hosted.


Monitoring and Graphing of essential services. Maintain you're privacy by having full control of your monitoring services.

Website Creators

With many companies taking to online e-commerce, we have developed a model that takes advantage of high performance cached designs to delivers within days


With over 20 years of knowledge in load-balancing applications, our architects can load balance any TCP based application in Linux & Windows

Log/File Visualization

Using the ELK (ElasticSearch/ LogStash/ Kibana) centralized stack, we can develop complete log file visualization solutions that cater to almost every log analytical solution with your privacy in-mind.

3D Walkthrough's

Our design partners are experts at creating virtual 3D walkthrough's of your luxuy resorts, dream homes or even multi-story complex

CRM Solutions

Our CRM partner company are experts at CRM solutions. Bridging the customer with the system, they bring the life back into the solutions.


We have an expert in every field of work ranging from Monitoring, Data Visualization, 3D Walkthrough's to HRM solutions.
We let our experts provide the solutions for your every technical challenge.

Nagios Interface

Proactive notifications

Kibana Interface

Analyze logs using the defactor standard in the industry

3D Layout Plans

Get an indepth view of your 3D-Floor-Plans before building your dream house

LogStash ELK Stack

Build your own Visualization System with our industry experts.

Kibana Geographic

Get insight into geographic data

3D Designs

3D Designs & Walkthrough's

Kibana Analytics

Create Dashboards

Housing Scheme Walkthrough's

Model dozens of 3D-Rooms according to your plans

About Us

Central IT delights in bridging the gap between stand-alone and fully scalable software solutions
bringing in the flavors of Nagios monitoring, scalable solution and OpenSource initiatives.

Application/Server Monitoring

Official Documentation

We @Central IT pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive documentation for the solutions that we provide. As a bonus we even provide documentation free of charge for common problems faced by programmers

Business specific technical documentation can be provided for the following subject material.

  • Apache HTTPD
  • HaProxy/NGinX
  • Application Optimization
  • Technical Writeups
  • Application Scaling
  • Ansible Automation
  • App/Server Monitoring
  • eMagazine Creation
  • ELK/LogStash
  • Documentation
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Design, Develop, Test & Deploy

Not only do we provide Technical solution for our customers, we also educate
the schools using high standards that are complient with national education and the current industry.














The following systems were implemented to achieve failover,
load-balancing, automation, distribution, data-visualization & monitoring

Nagios & Grafana

Implementation & Training

Nagios Monitoring with Grafana visualization is a powerful combination. I have implemented over 5000+ Linux & Windows end-points with dozens of grafana dashboards. Each grafana dashboard is equiped to visualize a single environment for aesthetic preferences. (End-Points: All OS Matrics, Redis, MemCache, Emails, Apache Server, RabbitMQ, ActiveMQ, JBoss, Apache, NGinX, MySQL, Postgres, Bloating, XML Performance, Configuration checks, Load-Balancing health, application-logic-health, Folder/File sizes, TCP end-to-end pipeline, LogStash, ElasticSearch, Kibana and many more) Read More

ELK Stack


We have implemented ELK Stacks from Version 2.1v to 6.8v using both manual & ansible automated environments. ELK for Linux was automated to include clustering and applicatrion performance analysis using custom application logs. I have also implemented non-log(TCP) based message transports(for C#, PHP & Java). The ELK was also implemented for one client on Windows servers. My latest addition to the ELK stack was geo-graphing & mapping using KIBANA visualization features. From basic statistics to application & server performance monitoring, Kibana takes center place. Read More

Ansible Automation

Implementing & Training

Ansible automation is a push configuration management tool introduced to a major online reservation company in 2015. Using ansible, its possible to deliver nagios plugins, application configurations, load-balancing configurations and system configurations within minutes. Ansible effectively reduced a full days work of application deployment to several minutes by implementing incremental uploads to clusters. We have experience in training software engineers to become DevOps and further continue & progress the development of the application/ jenkins configuration logic. Read More

Architecture Scaling

Load-Balancing is a key to scaling application in the cloud. Without correct load-balancing you could be facing loss of business and probably total collapse of the company over time. In order to avoid such disasters, I have implemented load-balanced systems that handled over 100 Million+ requests/day. Hardware Load-balancing with 5x HaProxy servers to distribute the load to 20x cloud servers. Each cloud server comprised of 1x Apache-Server which load-balanced 3x Tomcat-Nodes. HaProxy was used to load-balance 60 Replicated Postgres DB-servers as well. In the Windows environment, I was able to accomplish the same configuration with NGinX instead of HaProxy. Read More

Recommended Services

Applications are monitored through the world popular Nagios engine to ensure

proactive alertings days/hours before application/server failure.

Centralize and Visualize your Log files by aggregating application logs from dozens of servers.

LogStash/ElasticSearch/Kibana brings the power of central storage and Analytical Graphing to your desktop

Every web/xml application has limits. With our scaling solutions, we are able to load-balance complex systems using simple techniques. Our software load-balancers work on both Linux & Windows

We help migrate complex web-application from stand-alone servers to Linux cloud servers.

Our migration strategies have reduced customer's total cost of ownership by 40% using AWS cloud solutions.

Time To Deliver

DevOps Migration
Logfile Analysis

Training Plans

Get trained in the worlds number one OpenSource monitoring system. Nagios is used by every mission critical system ranging from medical and business to NASA engineering.
Analyze any data stream, file or database using the worlds number one OpenSource log visualization system. Customers have analyzed data ranging from fast moving commercial items, to log files errors, to best selling hotels.
Dont get crippled by the weight of your web-application, use the industry leading load-balancing solutions like HaProxy, NGinX or Apache to overcome your application limitations. Improve performance by optimizing the code.

Systems Monitored

We have monitored various systems across the world
ranging from Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows and CCTV Camera's. Our core strength is in training clients to be confident in Monitoring

Servers Monitored
Services Monitored
Custom Pluggins

Our Service Plans

Our systems are built to scale with your business from small business to largest enterprises,
Central IT monitors your systems availability

  • $49 Monthly
  • Monitor 50 End-Points
  • FREE Training
  • 1 Dedicated Server
  • Identify hotspots before they cost you and your company revenue.
  • 99.9% Up-Time
  • Nagios Setup Fee $299
  • $299 Monthly
    Central Logging
  • Onsite ELK Training
  • Nagios/Grafana Included
  • 3x AWS 4Gb Cloud/Server
  • Visualize your application logs with LogStash/ES/Kibana
  • 99.9% Up-Time
  • ELK Setup Fee $999
  • $999 Starting Price
  • Onsite Training
  • Migrate To AWS
  • Server Setup Service
  • Save thousands of dolars in employee R&D cost.
  • 100% Confidance
  • FREE Training Material

Contact Info

Central IT
616/5 Ethul Kotte,
Kotte (Colombo)
Sri Lanka
P: +94714361444